What is in more of a demand?

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Which one?

Cow Items 35 vote(s) 83.3%
Baked goods 3 vote(s) 7.1%
Mushroom soup 4 vote(s) 9.5%
  1. So I have finally decided to open a shop. The title says it all, look above at the voting choices and let me know what you would buy most and what is in the most demand, thanks! :D
  2. Leather. If you wish to sell some, Pm me with the amount and the price you're trying to get
    We might be able to make a nice deal then :)
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  3. Well I would like to save it for my shop :) I will make a thread when it is open and you can for sure stop by ;)
  4. How does nobody want soup
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  5. xD
  6. Bump, what about a bakery that sells pie, cake, cookies, bread, and mushroom stew? :)
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  7. Looks like someone's been watching biffa's videos
  8. 1. Leather is a huge demand item. It is a consumable used to make many things, which in turn are consumed to make/trade other things.
    2. Steak is arguably the best food in the game as it fills 4 hunger bars, and adds the highest saturation (13?).
    3. Soup cannot be stacked (1 item per inv slot), and is an infinite supply with a mooshroom with zero replacement cost.
    4. Baked goods are fun, but all require manual farming, or crafting time, and consume fuel.

    Hence, I voted Cow Items.
    So get yourself a couple of 2-deep trenches and breed <100 cows and kill em with a looting 3 sword. :)
    It's what I do.. and I never have enough leather.
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  9. Cow parts.
    Especially cow heads :).
  10. Pumpkin pie has better saturation than steak. (What xisuma says)
  11. Agreed. Leather is extremely useful, and it is in high demand. Occasional cow heads are amazing bonuses to earning leather as well. While soup is nice, it is extremely easy to obtain, and it doesn't seem to be in high demand. As steak restores a lot of hunger, it is also a top food item to sell. :)
  12. leather, leather and more leather lol. cant ever find a shop that has enough leather in stock when i need to make stuff with it lol.
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  13. Agreed. You can sell leather for the price of 10r per piece, and that would be considered a good price. So if you can get it in large quantities, because it is in high demand and low stock, you could make quite a bit of money simply off of leather. :)
  14. Ok :p i guess it is cow items! :D
  15. Hehe I have loved the idea of a bakery but I recently saw his video :)
  16. Well, a bakery could be profitable. The only thing is, you'll fill more hunger bars if you spend the wheat you would use to make bread/cookies on cow breeding in order to get steak. You cook, you get the leather, you sell, boom, profit. My advice: You could do a bakery, or you could do a butcher's shop which sells fish, chicken, beef, etc., as well as the leather, feathers, eggs, milk, etc. in a different area/room. You could put cow/chicken heads here and there, have an axe/sword in an item frame, you get the picture. It would be profitable and interesting. :)
  17. Or you could do all the above. Bakery and Butcher, Tanner and Tinker.
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  18. haha with the economy I think I will do meats. As of now i have a cow head made for the cow items to be sold in :) if anyone has any deli ideas let me know :)
  19. Ok so I have one more idea that I want an opinion on...how about a fishbowl and then on the inside I sell fish and rods :)
  20. Oh and so you say a butcher shop...do you have any design ideas?