What is in demand?

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  1. Lot's of people are always in demand for something but i want to know that you guys think everyone is always in need for? I need help here :) Thanks
  3. I know bitemenow15 is in need of some colored hardened clay may wanna talk to him about what colors.
  4. Clay will bomb after 1.7... enchants, diamonds, emc rares, glowstone and glass.
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  5. Dyes, glass, sandstone, glowstone, leather?
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  6. Diamonds, it is very very very hard to find them now a days under 55 rupees.

    Glowstone---as usual

    Dyes because of the glass
  7. Umm is it normal for me to have around 6 stacks of diamonds and a crazy amount of glowstone? All legit.
  8. Glowstone, Exp Bottles, Sandstone, Glass, Wood (normally in large quantities).
  9. I'm guessing its Glowstone, glass, EMC rates, EXP bottles, nether quartz and possibly leather
  10. Cute!
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  11. Uh... Bricks. Yea. Woo hoo.
    *why does it feel so cold ;( no likes my bricks. Only diamonds...*
  12. Idk about bricks but clay woohoo! ;)
  13. Not necessarily. The Mesa biome is a rare biome. It will take hours and hours to find.
  14. *dramatic music plays* 1 Biome.... 100 people... 1 World... WHO Will Find It First! /cuuutttt
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  15. I can't seem to find any dirt anywhere, so I'd like some help acquiring such a delicate substance.
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  16. Golden carrots..
  17. I looked at my EMC Shopkeeper output which goes back to March 2011. I shared a shop for about a year and a half so not all the blocks are represented. My friend sold Cobblestone, Sand, and Sandstone which seemed to sell pretty well, and we split the wood and wool.

    Anyway, to answer the question through my experience, here is my top 20:
    Stone 181300
    Glass 85312
    Stone Brick 81696
    Oak Log 72880
    Pine Log 37808
    Stone Slab 28544
    Black Wool 22448
    Arrow 19360
    End Stone 16960
    Glass Pane 15424
    Silver Wool 10768
    Gray Wool 10208
    Orange Wool 7584
    Blue Wool 7072
    Oak Plank 6464
    Lime Wool 5472
    Rails 4544
    Fence 3896
    Lt Blue Wool 3808

    Stone seems to be what I sold the most of but if you were to add all sixteen colors of Wool together from both of our sales, they might come close. Also, even though Oak and Pine Logs were only 4th and 5th, there are a lot of items made using them, like the Planks, Rails, and Fence that come in near the bottom of my top 20.

    Logs also seem to be something that people don't like to mine so I never seemed to have enough of it and actually quit stocking it for a while while encouraging my customers to sell to my shop chests(which didn't happen much).

    When I look at profit rather than quantity sold, rare items like Wither Skulls come out on top, then Enchanted items, Ores, and crafted items, like Pistons, Repeaters, TNT, Ender Chests, and so on.

    Of the things I haven't regularly sold, I think currently Hardened Clay is what you could make the most Rupees on. It is a new item and a hassle to get. It will be easier to mine when we have the new Mesa Biome but because of the Biome's rarity will still be popular for some time.

    In general I think if you view the Shop system as a means of compensating people for their time in obtaining items, the most in demand or most profitable items are going to be the things people have to spend a lot of time mining, crafting, grinding, or searching for.

    Personally I use a lot of Wood, Iron, Coal, and Diamonds. Oh and Bread.
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  18. In 1.7, new fish and wood :D