What is in Demand Now Days?

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  1. I was wondering what was in demand because I need rupees but have a lot of stuff laying about and don't need it so Could someone let me know please

    Yours Alarm
  2. Stone and cobblestone are always in demand, Quartz at the moment is n demand so hurry up on Quartz while iy expensive for sellers!
  3. Diamonds! Always in demand. If you have small amounts of odds and ends, you may want to visit a variety of player shops and get a baseline for how much they are willing to purchase those items for. Large quantities sold at auction are probably going to go at lower prices than those.

    If you have SC or DC allotments, I'd recommend searching the forums. Mark the checkbox to "search titles only" and if that item has gone up for auction recently is should be easy to spot.
  4. I will buy any amount of emeralds you have for a good price.
  5. Quartz are my life, don't mess with my quarts :mad:. J/k, grab yourself a diamond pickaxe with fortune 3 and you are good to go in a mine adventure :D.
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  6. Dirt.
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  7. anyting that is not auto-farmable. like wood, diamonds, emeralds, quartz, sand, sandstone, etc.
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