what is http://www.spamhaus.org/

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by remyparren, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. i was trying to log in on the the server but for som strange thing i cant

    it is telling i am blocked bye http://www.spamhaus.org/ ... strange

    can some one tell me what it is or how i get it ?
  2. ya but i need a "real email" i only have hotmail and thay wont accept that for some reason...
  3. get a yahoo account never had a problem before
  4. well i dont know why thay blocked my ip adres
    only thing i can think of is that 10 other ppl in the house useing the internet ..

    and what thay do online i cant controll .. so well

    thay cant blame me for what thay are doing ??
  5. Search the forums for "spamhaus". There were about four threads recently where someone had a similar problem.
  6. mm let me look it up
  7. mm so it means some on in my hous is having a trojan on the computer ...
    nice now i can find out who is the **** noob in the dam house ...
  8. ty for the help
  9. It might.

    It sounds like you have already tried getting unblocked. If not, check here to see exactly how you are bring blocked: http://www.spamhaus.org/lookup/

    If your IP shows up in any of the records, follow the link they provide and you may be able to have it removed automatically. Look for a button that says "Remove an IP from PBL" or similar.

    Good luck. Although it is good intentioned, from what I've seen dealing with these guys can be a big pain.
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  10. well after looking around on ever computer in the hous it was not me or anny one in the house that has a trojan
    but the dump ass next door has the computer jammed and the same laptop logged in our network over wifi as it is open but i hope it got fixed after i delete the computer to be able to log in my network

    dam dam dump ass ppl live next door
  11. Mini40000 also had that problem to!
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  12. well it is fixed now i can login but still dont know what it was ,...
  13. Spamhaus is a service that blocks addresses known to have malware or cause trouble.

    Essentially, people with malware installed usually have their PC silently used to do criminal actions. Innocent people sometimes have the police raid their house for very serious federal crimes that they did not do, all because a hacker has a trojan on their computer.

    So many service providers block connections from IP's known to potentially cause trouble to prevent hackers from using that PC to cause harm to their service.

    For example, a hacker could be using your PC to login to stolen accounts to hide his true identity. By blocking your PC from connecting, they are unable to use your IP to login to accounts, preventing items being stolen, or spam or what ever hackers like to do.

    It also is a good wake up call to inform people their PC is hacked, as blocking their access FORCES them to do something about it instead of simply ignoring it.

    Overall its a good thing.

    For your specific case, ensure every PC in the house has an antivirus (I recommend http://avast.com ) and do a full scan and ensure its clean.

    Not being able to play EMC is a better way of being told your PC is infected with malware than the FBI knocking down your door and arresting your parents.

    Take the warning seriously, tell your parents one of your PC's may be infected and they all need to be scanned.
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  14. One major way to avoid the following up top, is to avoid being a part of the Anonymous kiddy fan group. I've known quite a few people that got infected with things by just opening links Anon put out with people's private information. Also, never, ever, ever take part in one of their "LOIC" DDoS group attacks. Using one of those basically signs your computer up willingly to be part of their botnet (which uses your PC for super illegal things).
  15. lol brother i live in the netherlands we dont have that fbi i live on my own so thay cant arrest my parents XD

    i have a own house whare at most 10 ppl play on i have a strickt network and i know what i am doing
    on every pc i own i have an antivirus

    a few days a go the one living next door had a virus on it and maby it connected on my wifi to login
    but i shut down the wifi to see what happend

    and how can u ppl be scared of the FBI knocking on your door XD poor american XD
  16. Hey guys. We think we made a work around for that dumb Spamhaus block thing and applied it to all the servers today. Please contact me if the error still shows up. :)
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