What is Highest Allowed Horse Speed?

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  1. I Had A Horse With 175 Speed That got reset, then I saw other people with 150 speed on their horse and it isn't reset? How high does it have to be to get reset?
  2. I believe it goes to 130 or 129 when the horse is reset (spawned).
  3. my horse was reset to 95, but I am asking What Does It Have To Be To Cause It To Be Reset?
  4. im pretty sure the limit is 140, you can find up to that rarely in the wild
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  5. ^
    Correct. As far as I know, I'm the only owner of legal speeds of over 130.
  6. i had a 138 but when that stable glitch was happening it dissapeared now my highest is 130
  7. I have a 138 and a 132 speed.
  8. Breeding can bring a horse up to 140 if done right. You aren't the only one with high speed horses.
    You already knew about the horse speeds...
  9. oh, I forgot
  10. To get the 175 speed, it would have been the potion glitch..
  11. I have a few like that as well, along with MoeMacZap and maybe a few others.
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