What is high in demand? Needing opinions! :)

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  1. Hello guys.
    I have been thinking i've supplying and selling numerous items, in a certain amount. I want to sell things that are high in demand, and what people really want. If you have something you really want, or think a lot of people would want, comment below, and set it with a price.
    For example:
    Glowstone: 20r Per Piece, 1280 for a Stack.

    This can give me an approximate price that people want to work with. of course if you do something stupid like 1r for 100000 Diamonds, im just going to get it removed.
    So be serious, and comment what you want, and what you think is a good price. Thanks guys!
  2. Nether Quartz 5-7 per piece
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  3. Note: I won't comment on everypost, especially not straight away, if I don't comment don't feel your idea is bad, everything is valuable, I just don't want you guys to think im not commenting cause it's bad, but if you have a super good idea I might comment or something.
  4. diamonds, lapiz lazuli, gold/ gold apples & carrots, redstone stuff, and special items all have an exceedingly hight demand.

    Sandstone, Quartz, and all other mined items also have a healthy demand.
  5. I always hunt for cheap diamonds
  6. Enchantments
  7. I make tons of money off of Quartz Ore. Go to the wastelands nether and mine around 9 stacks of it. Then bring it back to town and try to find people who buy it for +15r each. It will get you tons of rupees fast!
  8. Let's see...errr...getting large amounts of high level enchants will be worth a LOT.
    A Fortune 3 will go for about at least 3k.
    A looting will go for about 2k.
    People want this stuff, it IS a large investment though.
    Selling diamond ore(ore form) with the picks also spike up the demand.
    Silk Touch also is worth about 2.5k per book.
  9. Those prices seem a little high to me. I sell/have seen silk touch for around 500r, fortune and looting for 1-1.5k. Nevertheless, they are pretty profitable. I would recommend inexpensive logs, quartz, and sandstone. Those always seem to be in high demand and can be fairly easily acquired.