What is dirt to for you?

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  1. In your opinion what do you think dirt is like what do you think of it, is it useful or do you think shop owners dont sell it right i have seen 2 stacks if dirt for free. So what is dirt in your opinion?
  2. To me dirt is:

    Dirt is unclean matter, especially when in contact with a person's clothes, skin or possessions when they are said to become dirty. Common types of dirt include:
    • dust — a general powder of organic or mineral matter
    • filth — foul matter such as excrement
    • grime — a black, ingrained dust such as soot
    • soil — the mix of clay, sand and humus which lies over the bedrock

    When things are dirty they are usually cleaned with solutions like hard surface cleaner and other chemicals; much domestic activity is for this purpose — washing, sweeping and so forth.
    In a commercial setting, a dirty appearance will give a bad impression of a place such as a restaurant. The dirt in such cases may be classified as temporary, permanent and deliberate. Temporary dirt is streaks and detritus that may be removed by ordinary daily cleaning. Permanent dirt is ingrained stains or physical damage which require major renovation to remove. Deliberate dirt is that which results from design decisions such as decor in dirty yellow or grunge styling.

    Modern society is now thought to be excessively clean. Lack of contact with microorganisms in dirt when growing up is hypothesised to be the cause of the epidemic of allergies such asasthma. The human immune system requires activation and exercise in order to function properly and exposure to dirt may achieve this. For example, the presence of staphylococcus bacteria on the surface of the skin regulates the inflammation which results from injury.
    People and animals may eat dirt. This is thought to be caused by mineral deficiency and so the condition is commonly seen in pregnant women.
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  3. Personally i think it has a subtle taste, smoky but calm. Best enjoyed ice cold.
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  5. It tastes a little like crap, with a hint of pineapple..

    Reminds me of a good vacation in the eastern Europe.
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  6. It reminds me of hiring builders/diggers, who fake a grief and leave me diamondless
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  7. Most people sell dirt for "dirt cheap."
  8. Put aside my cinical comment, dirt is probably the most usefull block. It breaks with no tools quickly and it isnt affected by gravity.
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  9. And you can't grow melons, wheat, trees, or grass without it. And without grass your sheep will never re-wool.
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  10. Dirt is really useful. It can be used for scaffolding, farms (sheep, wheat, melon etc). But it is in massive supply. If you go claim a res you get a 60x60x64 patch of dirt.