What is a labor bench and what does it do/how does it work

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  1. A Labour Bench is a promo item from Labour Day. You just have to hold it and right click anywhere to use it - you do not have to place it down.
  2. A labor day bench was a promotional EMC item that came out for clearly Labor Day.

    It is a workbench, with the genuine Lore, except it allows you to just right click it and automatically goes into the craft recipe, but you can't place it down :)

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  3. Does it last forever Or a one time thing

    And is it soulbound

    Do you right click on it in inventory
  4. Not soulbound, lasts forever, right click when it is in your hand.
  5. That seems so useless

    I am def not going to try to buy one
  6. That was the thread I was looking for

    Thank you so much
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