What In The Name of Minecraft .....

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  1. ok. im soooo confused right now. this happened earlier, and i just got to posting it.
    find whats wrong here. once you see it, LET ME KNOW HOW ITS POSSIBLE! 2013-01-02_20.46.26.png
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  2. You Gravel head!
    Gravel, not even once.
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  3. that was quick to spot what was wrong xD
    just a glitch probably
  4. on some servers /hat XD
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  5. Is that your skin? :p
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  6. no im afraid. im not removing the gravel either. its more a prize than a glitch. im keeping it, just in wonder why it would be doing that. i was in creative mode removing some items from my inventory, sift clicking, i must have accidentally done that.
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  7. Your playing FTB or Tekkit, so could either be part of that or just a plugin
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  8. the way i figure its a bug with NEI, that in some cases can enable this .
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