What in the name of dungeons...?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Darkwellor, Mar 21, 2012.

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    So there was a dungeon there. I got some string and moved on.
  2. I love those desert ones! It's so much fun to look for them when you're exploring :)
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  3. i do that a lot, go exploring/treasure hunting for a few hours find half a dozen exposed dungeons, loot the chests take the mossy cobble and go on my way. usually leave the spawner though incase someone else finds it and wants to make a grinder.
  4. You could make a small fortune in finder's fees for sharing the coordinates after the reset-- hint, hint ;)
  5. SMP2, North Outpost, I'll post the coords later. It's a small vessel that probably won't hurt anyone.
  6. haha yeah i never took down coords before because i didnt think of it until after people were asking about blaze spawners.. found stacks of them lol. i will note down coords in future for sure in the new world. more than happy to share for free though :)
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