What I want to be remembered for on EMC

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  1. 1. Having that Giant Fail of a Mall That was a Giant blue/black wool thing and having that epic grief party there
    2. Making so many threads
    3. Being the youngest to reach more than 120+ followers
    4. Having Hall of Crafting
    5. Making Many friends
    6. Having that cool Quart thing at my res
    7. For being an idiot most of the time
    8. To be remembered as a new person when I return in a long time.

    Now. Please put what you will remember me for below. Also Staff please do not lock this thread. I know it is kind of a goodbye thread but still. I will not leave forever. Maybe.
    Also I would like to be banned for 50 days for now. With the reason "Taking A Break"
    Thanks, Peace out :)
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  2. NO. never ask for a ban.
    EVER. Anyways, I will remember you. :3
  3. Thread will remain open as long as it stays positive. I will not change your ban however. Don't log in if you don't want to play. Simple as that.

    I will personally know you as being a dreamer and having the drive to take on large projects.
  4. I'm going to remember you for making this thread in the first place. :D
  5. BYE, MY BRO! I will remember dat quartzy... fingy... dingy... thing... Idunno ok. BYE!
  6. I will miss you. I am not 100% sure but bricksrike might have gotten 120+ followers before you did.
  7. Well how old is brick?
  8. bye, cya soon
  9. Will you vote to keep your residences?

    And do you have any more iron? :p
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  10. I will remember you for your profile picture ;)
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