What I think will happen if EMC has a PVP server.

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Do you agree, or disagree with me?

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  1. Well, first things first. I somewhat/not really like PVP. Whenever I play PVP, it is with my friends and we are just having fun. But for others, PVP is something different. Something that promotes evil.

    What will happen?
    -Members turning on thier non IRL freind.
    -Spawn Killing for Xp.
    -Fighting throughout the forums.
    -Massive amounts of players being banned.
    -Members not playing anymore because of death rage.

    What would be a good, peaceful EMC PVP server?
    -Arenas that you sign up for.
    -Events for 1v1.
    -Limited Item Worlds*

    *Meaning that the portal scans you inventory, and if you have anything that that PVP world portal says you couldn't have, you get kicked back to main "dystopia" spawn.

    So, I know there are more topics about PVP that could make or break EMC, but those are just some main points.
    And I'm sure that EMC will change its rules dramatically if we get a PVP server. And, yes, EMC would gain members like crazy, but you also have to remember the total number of bann rates because of people trying to hack to be dominate in the PVP server.

    Don't Hate!
    And sorry for poor format, doing this on my iPad at school. Not the best.
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  2. Please tell me if I am not clear on my points, I will explain deeper if you ask.
  3. As far as I can remember, EMC's PvP servers won't be a "oh, we'll just dump you in the middle of no-where with nothing and see how long you last. Now go play survival" one, they'll be arena type games with randomly generated maps.

    Also, I seem to remember Aikar mentioning that nametags would be hidden, to prevent people ganging up on each other and knowing who each other are.

    Hopefully with these combined, the risks that are there are minimised.
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  4. We will NEVER be creating a PVP server that has anything to do with the concerns you have.

    We agree those things suck, which is why EMC doesn't have a PVP Server at this time.

    My plans on the PVP concept is purely match based and won't have any issues you describe, but that is nowhere in the near future... PVP is on a "will be nice to have in the future"
  5. Last time I checked the PvP servers will be like survival games, but with proper teams.

    I personally would love a PvP server, I find them pretty fun when it's like Survival Games, and EMC would definitely do something better than that.
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  6. PvP Factions! o:
  7. If EMC ever does Factions, I'm just going to give up on this whole "humanity" thing.
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  8. Well by the tell of my skin, you'll know who I am ;)
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  9. I think he also mentioned something where you play as a mob - although this was long ago and could no longer be the case. ;)
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  10. Teams = skype = they talk = they know each other without needing to see.

    like.. ooh.. im the guy holding dirt... and jumping while sneaking and looking at the sun..
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  11. Well Personally PVP should be kept to arena and proper survival games like The Walls or Crown Conquest or Hunger Games. Most other PVP server have players breaking rules. I've been on one with a player PVP consent rule. Both people had to agree to PVP . But this guy kept killing without understanding the rules. He hasn't been banned yet to my knowledge despite breaking the rules several times over.
  12. I technically want the PvP to be delayed on the server.

    The reason why is because I've seen many ( and I mean many ) people sneak hacking, bow hacking, and many other hacks. I , personally , want people to "moderate" the server, and able to use commands like /inv see , /vanish ( to be not able to get seen ) , and /tp [player] [player] .

    Will edit soon
  13. A great SG plugin is the one SkitScape uses on his server. It has arenas, random chests, and more, and I hope it is like this, but different.
  14. Guys all these pvp threads are just getting. They are making a separate server just for pvp so if you don't want to have pvp just come to one of the smp's.
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  15. FFA PvP!

    Make a different forums.
  16. What if you have to play EMC for an amount of days before using the pvp server?
    I think around 20 days would be good.
  17. My problem as well :rolleyes:
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  18. Thanks for your guys input!
    And thank you Aikar for reassuring me that we won't have those things.
  19. Wait, so we're not getting it after the shop/dragon updates? D:
  20. "after" yes, immediate no =P