What i made with 1.5

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  1. So the other day my internet decided to take a nap -_-
    I really wanted to play MC so I Upgraded to 1.5 real quick (Had the Jar file beforehand)
    I meant to post the pictures and forgot until just now!
    This is made up almost entirely of Nether Quartz!
    It reminded me a bit of marble so i based it off the designs you see on Roman Temples and the like.
    Fullscreen capture 3132013 23706 PM.jpg Fullscreen capture 3132013 23543 PM.jpg Fullscreen capture 3132013 23636 PM.jpg
  2. That looks AMAZING! I just LOVE the new Nether Quartz! And it seems to compliment a lot of other blocks.
  3. Thanks! :D
    I think the part I enjoyed the most are the pillars and interior.
    I love the texture for the pillars it looks amazing :3
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  4. It does look amazing. I'm working on an SP world with my friend and we are planning on making our base in a mountain and making the front entrance out of Quartz. Just because we can. And I am happy quartz is going to be common.
  5. Me too :3
  6. Qaurtz is common?
  7. It's about as common as iron, only in the nether.
  8. Actually I think it is almost as common as coal, but only comes in groups about as big as groups of iron.
  9. I'd say it'd be about as easy to acquire as sandstone, considering how it's made.