What I did last weekend...

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  1. It slipped my mind completely until just now, but i wanted to share how i spent my weekend.....
    Don't freak......We had an expert on explosives there, and we were all safe and far away. This took place 100+ miles from anything even relative to city limits.
    Used an Ar-15 (Not fired by me sadly :p) and 2 1/2 pounds of Tetrazene.
    Tetrazene is used to put out fires due to the fact it sucks a TON of oxygen out of the air upon detonation. It can only be set off by a projectile going faster that 11,000 feet per second.

    Just cause I like MLP doesn't mean i don't like to blow stuff up......

    "There is nothing more primal.....It doesn't matter what race you are, what your profession is, or what your political standing is. You can always get people together and have a good time blowing stuff up." -The Explosives Guy.

    I don't want to hear about how you hate me for doing this or how it isn't safe. We took precautions, we were far away, and as safe as physically possible. So please don't post here saying how this was a stupid idea. I don't do stuff like this unless i have a pro there or i know what i'm doing.
  2. Kinda wish I did that along with the stuff I did last Saturday too...that would have been awesome.
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  3. Very cool. Having a professional around when things are exploding is always a good idea. ;)
    Roughly how far did the shot from the AR come from?
  4. This popped in my mind when i read this thread:
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  5. I...I bought a magazine this weekend...
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