What high school do/did you go to?

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  1. The title says all. I thought of this idea during my POE (Princibles of engineering) class.

    Anyways: I am currently going to Union High School as a freshmen :3

    Your guys's turn!
  2. i went to Ligonier Valley High School :p
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  3. 1-6 Grade:


    Blackebergs Gymnasium,Stockholms,Sweden,Europe

  4. Westpark Elementry, Red Deer, Canada

    Westpark Middle school, Red Deer, Canada

    Next, either Hunting hills high school or Lindsey Thruber High school, Red Deer, Canada
  5. not in high school yet eh? You'll love it. Way less drama than middle school.

    same with you mrlegitslegit (If i read your post correctly)
  6. Im not in high school.
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  7. Grade, prep-3,
    Brighton Primary school, Brighton, Victoria, Australia
    Grade, 4-12,
    Brighton Grammar school, Brighton, Victoria, Australia
  8. Victory Christian School... Im a Sophmore .. :D
  9. You wouldn't say that if you went to my school....
  10. lols
  11. What are all these 'sophmore' and 'freshman'?
  12. What do you mean? like what are they?
  13. What are they?
  14. I went to La Junta High School
  15. I take it your not American? There are genreally 4 grade levels in High School. Year 1: Freshmen, that is what I am. Year 2: Sophmore. Year 3: Junior. Year 4: Senior.

    I go to Jefferson Township High School, home of the loud, and an introverts semi-nughtmare.
  16. L&N STEM Academy, Knoxville, Tennessee.
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  17. Freshmen power!
  18. Yah, not that mighty though......
  19. Lol.
  20. I went to Hope High School in Hope, AR.. Birthplace of one of the United States presidents, Mr. Bill Clinton.