What have I just watched.

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  1. So Alice, prince, Epic5, parker, and I were listening in our tribe house on Transformice. I thought it would be nice to freak you out with this :)

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  2. Mother of...
  3. This thread explains what happens when I let Demon choose the video for the Transformice Tribe House -.-
  4. Well, that was what you get when you are on the internet too much.
  5. Yeah you can find things like
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  6. Should I go see someone because I've seen all these videos...
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  7. yes you should
  8. Actually, the screw the nether one was me <3
  9. You, Demon and even Parker all put on strange things -.-'
  10. eh...heheh....heh....
  11. dun us mi colr stahp
  12. i us yor colur tew nao laulz evryon us ur culor naw laawllzz
  13. My favorite was Revenge :D
  14. You forgot bacon pancakes ):
  15. Color change!
  16. I think I've gone deaf...
  17. I'm sorry, but losing your hearing quickly and unexpectedly is a serious isse. You need to get to the hospital asap. Your loss of hearing could be caused by a number of things, all requiring immediate medical attention.