What has just made my week! ...

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  1. While visiting random residences I stumbled upon finglelpuppl's residence, number 3915. And to my amazement, I found this:


    I do not mean to laugh or disrespect you finglel but, I find this hilarious. Thank you for putting this up. Please read this guys. If any of you never laugh, this will do the trick. If you feel like visiting, hop on over to smp2 and take a good laugh.

    Thank you!
  2. Save The Bloobaloos
  3. aaaannnd he was getting 20r for "grief perms" :eek:
  4. boy this is such an old post, why bring it up again?
  5. Lol didn't even see that. I didn't do it, but sorry anyways
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  6. Wow. I went to visit it then read the other posts to try to find out why the thread was unclaimed. Lock this thread?