What Happens To Your Stuff When You Type /res reset?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by xXcoley123Xx, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. i have been thinking about changing my residents and wondered what would happen if i reset it all would it delete everything permanently or store it somewhere for me. can someone help please???
  2. It'll delete EVERYTHING that is currently on your residence. The best way is to take what you want, store them your friend's residence, and reset your residence.
  3. kk thanks mate this will be helpful
  4. Use the vault for some of your things. The vault is inexpensive and will be briefly free soon.
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  5. Yes you can use the /vault when it is free for a week, and you can hold things on your inventory. Anything else can be stored on a friends residence..
    I am also going to be offering storage containers on my smp1 residence for anyone who wishes to utilize such a program. I have an abundance of chests.... :)
  6. I wanted to do /res reset yesterday, but then i realised i could just make a Dirt Platform above my res. Now i need to think of what to make into the new "residence".