What happens if your in the willd during a reset?

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  1. So the title pretty much says it all What happens if your in the wild during a reset.
  2. You wil keep all your stuff
  3. One time back when we only had one two servers, I logged off in the wild and after I had logged back on, the wild had been reset for an update.

    Well I logged back on in the middle of an ocean on a small island. There was one tree so I built a boat and used the Live Map to find my way back.

    Well, about half way back to the nearest outpost, chunks stopped loading for some reason which was cool and annoying at the same time. My Minecraft didn't crash until I made it to another island. I even took pictures of the event. http://imgur.com/a/iommt#0

    So I guess you'll be stranded on an island and when you try to make your way back, your Minecraft will glitch out and eventually crash. But hey, it will make for an interesting story, right?
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  4. u will be kicked off the server while it resets,as the servers are down, then when you log back on u will be at the same coordinates but it will look different
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  5. look i found iron in the picture :)
  6. Like the pictures :p
  7. I've heard Minecraft won't place you in say, the middle of a mountain. It will put you somewhere where it's at least initially safe(I've logged out in a cave under water and logged back in at the surface where I had to swim.).

    One of the supporters told me that before the last reset they walked waaaaaaaay out on one of the servers with some other people and logged out. When they logged back in after the reset, they were on the surface out in the middle of no where. The advantage to this is that they didn't leave a trail through the fog on Live Map leading to their sanctuary. I expect that if you zoomed out and had the patience to pan around on the Live Map enough, you would find a bunch of these holes where people did this.