What happens after your diamond membership ends?

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  1. Hello,

    If I get diamond membership, and I have suddenly 4 residences instead of 1
    what will happen after the membership ends?

    will the three last residences be removed? or will they all stay? or something else?


  2. You will have them untill Shaun or Cow decides to delete all inactive people res and non-supporters 2-4res, you will get a warning before that happends i guess but iknow that you will be able to choose which one you want to stay
  3. ok
    but what if I still am active
    I go back to non-diamond user while I have 4 residences and I keep playing on the server
    will they remove them then because I'm no longer a diamond member?
  4. No.
  5. that means I only need to pay once to have 4 residences forever
  6. You might not have them forever, The current understanding is that if you default on a supporter status, you get to keep the extra residences, only until Justin decides to strip the extra residences from non-supporters, which may happen eventually. It hasn't been announced as of now.. But you will most likely get a warning if it were to happen.
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  7. Ok. Thanks for replying so fast!
  8. You won't have 4residences forever, just untill you aint supporter and Shaun or Cow decides to reset all non-supporters other residences or if someone wants your residence, they have to speak to Shaun or Cow before that can happend tho =P
  9. ok
    and if a residence is removed (by 10 days of inactivity, or by any other reason)
    is there a backup of that res then? or is it gone forever?
  10. Its gone.. FORREEEEVVVERR.. Yup once 10 days is up there is no track of block history on the server or any data that we can REload back into another residence :(
  11. contradictory to what I said before.. It's not like 10 days is up then *POOF* ur res is gone.. its 10 days then your res is on the Derlict or able to get reset list. This list makes it possible for ICC, Justin, or Shaun able to reset it. They wont reset it unless your gone for like 40 days/ or someone pm's them to reset it so they can get it for reasons like friend is next to it.. However if you go on Vacation you can also pm them to not reclaim it if it goes on Derlict list :D
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  12. oh okay, that is good news :)
    and perhaps they will also ask around if I used to be an active member or not, and why I'm suddenly gone for more than 10 days.
    Good to know that it isn't really like 10 days -> Poof!
  13. But.. If you stay as a supporter, the benefit is that, as long as you are a supporter, you can stay logged out for over 10 days, and because you are a supporter, you will NOT lose your residence. This only lasts for as long as you are a supporter though... Unless you PM IcecreamCow, or shaunwhite1982 for Derelict Protection for a specified amount of time, with a good reason (Such as going on vacation, won't be able to access computer for 2 weeks or so).
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  14. ok :D

    and: OMG PINK !
  15. yeah, i hope my res is reserved for a long time, i asked, and i still need my res reserved, i'm still "banned".
    And spamhaus says i'm not banned!