What happened to the horse age?

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  1. I remember when minecraft updated to 1.6 that several people started race circuits but never actually did it. I have found a great deal of good horses and it disgusts me to see them go to waste. Someone please start some new big race so us people with lots of good horses can use them. Thank you!:)
  2. Horses were exciting and all but ultimately useless since we have the /v command and the wild is full of pesky trees.

    However I would not mind holding a race. On top of my to do list.
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  3. I still have a track, I could host one.
  4. yes please! horses are pretty much useless without a track
  5. question, are stables cross-server? (I forgot :p)
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  6. Yes.
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  7. PM me the details if you go through with this. I want to be part of it.
  8. Indirectly calling me out? Just kidding...but yeah, I did a) manage to set up a pretty massive track at 1903/1904 (with the help of ShaunWhite) and b) not follow through with anything. But, feel free to go to that res and set up a race or whatever. It's all user friendly and doesn't require me to be logged in to be used.
  9. M'kay, my track is at 14525 on SMP7, it's not done yet. go to the back of the res, step on the RTS near the cacti, it's the fence that has nothing in it
  10. Oh brilliant! I am looking for someone with a track for the Halloween Scare Bash. Do you think I ( and others) can use it? :3
    On the topic of the thread most people are.. well... I guess busy for the most part :( I sometimes won't be on for long periods of time now because of school and other projects.
  11. Sure! I was decorating it :3