What happened to Empire.

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  1. Hello,
    A year ago i found empire and found it extremely hard to get on these servers they where always full and very lively but now Empire has lost its excitement of getting on a server when its full and everyone talking but now you can always get on since only 20 people are on yet only 3 are talking and if you need something back then you would have a response from each person but now you get no response I wish it could go back from that but i guess we can only wish for that to happen
  2. dang, that was a long sentence lol

    But anyway, it has always been known that player numbers have not been as good as they were.
    But stuff like the AlexChance's Voting Contest and the increased voting perks have brought forwards many more players. (At times we have more guests on the site than users) But anyway, this and many more things are pushing back to our former glory. We'll get there, just you wait.
  3. I have joined :) And I have seen about 2-3 welcome post's by new people. I have been talking to other's and they say that it used to be SMP4-5 then 6+ came, and I think that Empire Minecraft isn't losing members but just spread out. Would you say an empire is small because people who live (play in the case) in it aren't in 1 spot?
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  4. Listen to the wise Chin!

    Like most games people come and go. It used to be full but there are many reasons people leave. You have people being banned, people who have to move on due to school or work taking their time, there are those who for lack of better term "rage quit" because of issues that might not necessarily be in EMC's control. When 1.4 came out there were tons of glitches and people didn't understand that it wasn't EMC's fault.

    We also have a lot of people in the Military who play and maybe they aren't able to get on at times. Also most people used to not care to vote due to only getting 50r each voting page *when we only knew of two) and at one point for several months one was messed up. Sometimes if you don't get a reply, people might be in the Wild. I suggested once a way to maybe color the names to show where they were so that way people wouldn't be in the predicament you're talking about. Other times people may be afk.
  5. Well if you need proof that the empire isn't dead.

    -Tons of Guests on meaning we are attracting attencion
    -Tons of event such as Bonechilling and LLOlympics
    -Tons of Wild Communities/Outposts being made
    -1.4.6 is now on EMC
    -Dragon Tombs are now upon us!
  6. Compared to what the Empire used to be, we are definitely down on members, the servers used to be so full that if you weren't a supporter you had to wait a good 20-30 minutes for a spot.
    But that's irrelevant, we are only on the up now.
  7. We have minimoose and gir that is all we need