What happend to Dark_Liz?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Liasen, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. One of my favourite moderators haven't been on any of the EMC server for 91 days. And it's just not her, I never see Shaunwhite1982 (which is also one of my favourite moderators) anymore and Twitch1 stopped moderating which also is sad (he's also one of my favourite moderators). Awww... I remember the nether spleef...:(
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  2. i miss all of them to:(
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  3. But shaunwhite is still on the servers it's just that I never see him anymore:(
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  4. But Faustlauncher i miss him:(
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  5. I see Shaun like 1 time a week on smp5, he is playing on the servers accually.
  6. Both Icecreamcow & Shaunwhite1982 seems to be pretty busy.
    I think they are fixing all the 1.3 issues there have been.

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  7. Dark_Liz is actually a diamond supporter now. Shaun is still around but he doesn't log on much. That I know of.
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  8. shaun logs in every single day and is one of the most active players.... Except that he lives on the other side of the world so hes on when most of our players are sleeping :)

    Liz has drifted off -- not sure where he/she landed, but would be nice to see em back!

    Twitch just has stuff going on, hes still around, just not enough time to moderate :)

    Faust also does log in occasionally too.
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  9. yes but she's not on the server :(
  10. Thanks for the info:)
    Thanks for the info:)
    Thanks to you too for the info:)

    But is there ever going to be a nether spleef again? Because that was for me one of the most awesome things on EMC before.
  11. Yeah, I see shaunwhite1982 and FaustLauncher often enough. Just because they are not in-game, doesn't mean they are not around...

    This has been talked about bringing back, but the old Arena was before the Wild Reset so it is not longer there... Justin has to manually set those up, which he has not had time for in the last couple months. You can always use the public Spleef at /fun on smp3
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  12. yeah.
    He doesn't even have enough time to play tekkit with me anymore.
  13. Nice, you guys have summoned Liz to the forums! HI LIZ!
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  14. Yea l
    I live I NZ and I see him heaps on SMP3
  15. Who jimbonothing64?
  16. Shaun white