What Game to play?

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  1. I want to play a different game than Minecraft but idk what to play ....any suggestions?
  2. Borderlands (1 or 2)
    Portal (1 or 2)
    Team Fortress 2
    Modded Minecraft
    (Tekkit or Fead the Beast)
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  3. Games i have
    Borderlands 2, Skyrim, Saints Row the Third, TF2, Maplestory
  4. Play the first one then.
  5. Hotline Miami
    Torchlight 2
    FTL: Faster Than Light
    The Walking Dead game
    Dear Esther
    Left 4 Dead 2
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  6. You should try Quake 1-3. The Heretic series is also pretty cool.
  7. Teamfortress two is free so that is always good!
    Also portal 2 qill keep you busy for a while...
    And also dirt 3....
  8. By the way, the Walking Dead game is kinda sad...
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  9. ...............a word and a number......HALO 4
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  10. Team Fortress 2 is a great game
  11. If you like games that hate you, play dark souls.
    Otherwise, play something like terraria, tf2, portal(2), or half-life 2.

    Then give away all the dota 2 copies you got from buying those games.
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  12. Plague Inc. ?

    Edit: Only available for iOS or Android.
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  13. Dungeon Defenders!
    Saints Row: The Third!
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  14. battlefield 3 if you got the pc
    Planetside 2 if you got the PC
    Arma 2 otherwise :D
  15. Games to play:
    Halo 4 (Xbox 360)
    zombi u (wii u)
    mad father( PC)
    Haunt: the real slender game (PC)
    forest (PC)
    day z (PC)
    happy wheels (PC)
    the witch's house (PC)
    Ao Oni(PC)
    Ib (PC)
    White day: a tale of horror (Xbox 360)
    Walking dead (Xbox 360)
  16. dead space 3 and assassins creed 3
  17. Don't Starve
    Dota 2
  18. I was never informed of getting a copy of dota 2, but every time I go on the dota 2 steam page it says that I already own dota 2. I just assumed it was having an open beta. I will have to download it and play it later. I assume I got it because I own both Portals.
  19. For console:
    If you like first person shooter games: Battlefield 3
    If you like open world adventures: Skyrim of Infamous
    For PC:
    I know both Skyrim and BF3 can be purchased for PC.
    I don't play this, but I hear League of Legend is fun.
  20. If you like managing armies, then Age of Empires Online is a good game. (PC)