What features would you like to see?

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  1. After what some members discussed in my other thread, it brought me to this thread. What features would you like to see EMC have? I am in no way affiliated with the staff, so I can not grant any of these unless some of these inspire Eye-Car.
  2. I WANT CAKES!!!!!!
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  3. What I would like to see:
    Master permission: Allow others to place flags
    Arenas.empire.us: PVP, mob and a PVP & mob arena
    More res abilities: Transfer, share, sell, and trade residences
    More supporter perks: More animals on res per supporter tier
    Ability to make announcements? (MAYBE): Certain rank allows you to do one chat announcement per day (Like smp5 arena)
    Circle stone and sponge
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  4. They already discussed the more supporter perks, I think they will leave it like that :)
  5. And the master permission too ._.
  6. It will never change if you don't keep discussing it. The number one job of the staff is to bring the players what they want. If an overwhelming maj. of people want something then it will happen.

    I for one would like to see other arenas made in the fashion of the current arena. Server announcements and moderator presence for things like spleef.
  7. I thought being a supporter was helping the empire grow :D
  8. Im going to quote my other post from my reply to your thread actually. While it does not give any solid information, I hope it shows that we are, in fact, searching for a good way to implement this.

    Now, a quick note. Everyone believes that creating a spleef arena is simple, and would be an easy thing to do, but if we are going to make a new addition like this, we will want it to have high function and appeal. We will not put up something that is not the best we can do. So I caution others to, please do not be discouraged by time. When you guys mention stuff, we do discuss it, most of the time in length. Today we had some good ideas that have me pretty excited for some future stuff of EMC, but again, Aikar's workload is high, and we already have things on the list. But we are getting there. The completion of D-Tomb's will actually open a window for us to have the possibility to create more similar creations quicker.

    And in response to a bit of a post you posted in a thread earlier in the day, Aikar was a moderator for a quite a while before he ever started coding for EMC. As much as I am sure Aikar would love share the workload, we pride ourselves by (which may be surprising to some) having a unique server compared to others. Its quite a big one up, being able to have a fully functional, stable updated server when others are playing half speed waiting on plugins to update. While you say EMC is business, its employees do not get paid. So they do not have an incentive to not do something like ... I dont know, release all of our code out into the open, or to our other competitive server friends. Its one thing for a true business to to bring on more help, but something else entirely for a more ... volunteer position. There would be no incentive to help keep loyalty, and that is a big issue. Aikar is only at the position he is now after many months of obtaining trust. Its not something we can just turn and say 'hey, you seem like you know what you are doing, come over here.' Because you like EMC right? Well to help EMC stay around, we have to make cautious steps around decisions like that.
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  9. Just had an idea after reading this part and you probably pretty much answered that here:
    What if people who wanted Spleef arenas got together and created their own and submitted them for review? Kind of like of a contest and like they do on Steam with game items, and the Mods all decide which one they like best and will fit with the coding and whatnot and find some way for it to be implemented? Or maybe they could post screenshots and everyone vote? That way the community maybe feels like there's stuff going on instead of feeling like they're just sitting here and nothing is being done? (not me personally, just saying, that's how some talk.)
  10. Well panda, if you would stop pressing me for answers all the time >.>, I may or may not have presented nearly this EXACT same proposition to our cow like leader hours ago during our discussion of some curious new EMC futures...
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  11. Haha Great minds think alike :)
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  12. I'd like to see you giving my money back! XD
  13. IcC Said this wont happen because there will be too many issues with griefers and untrusted people

    Arena's went because the player count wasn't high enough and not worth it. PvP is being discussed and mob arena happens when Maxarias and Aikar aren't busy

    I like this idea :)

    Well, if your gold or diamond you can have 200/400 animals in total on all res' or go to utopia where I think its doubled.

    Certain ranks would be needed otherwise spammers would just do it

    Circle stone is on sale at /shop 1 for 25r. Sponge I dont think is on sale because it can cause sea griefing where they just keep placing 1 sponge block until they make the sea look ugly or can grief towns that have anything water based
  14. Online ruppees transaction
  15. You mean like being able to pay someone on the website? For instance if I won an auction I could just pay them by say clicking on their name and clicking pay on the popup. That sounds convenient. I'm not sure how easy that would be to implement.
  16. Yep! I use to play on this tekkit server where they had this feature!
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  17. I have a question that has to do with features. What happened to the shop database website? I keep seeing where people had put links in their signatures and when you click on it the page has been taken down. Can we do something temporary if there are bigger things planned? Maybe a sticky somewhere with a list of shops that people could pm someone to get on. I would donate my time as I am getting pretty tired of people connecting to smp2 and yelling and spamming about who has a shop bc no one feels like answering with a huge list of shops bc they are the 100th person of the day to ask. You know the type I'm talking about. Ask and then move on people. :D
  18. Idk what happened to the website? But don't worry I go it!
  19. The shop database was a user maintained feature not officially associated with EMC. The player who maintained it, is inactive and the website defaulted at contract ending, or was canceled/shut down. Yes, future planned shop updates are planned to implement an easier system for things like shop to be easier to find. Something you should keep in mind, the majority of our in game players do not frequent the forums/site, so a lot of information that could be provided here (staff or even player maintained shop list) would go widely unnoticed, and you would still get large amounts of people asking 'who has a shop here'. Not saying its a bad idea, just saying it will not prevent your mentioned problem as much as you would think. The people that use the forums (the people who will usually express their opinions about things like this, because, well, they are here) like ideas like that, because the know they will use it. But those people represent quite a small percentage of our active player base.