What ever happened to SMP3?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mrlegitislegit, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. SMP3, my home sever. I had lots of friends on it, but now, most of them moved on. Now, SMP3 is the home of newbies spamming their shops. I wonder what happened to SMP3. Did all the older players move to a new sever, or quit EMC? I really like SMP3, but with all the spammers, simply being in town gets annoying... It seems EMC is going into a new era in its "life." Have any other severs start to turn into this?
  2. You are right. Smp3 has lost most eof it's players and moved onto another EMC server.
  3. I agree too. there use to be so many people on smp3. But with the new servers people are starting to move out to find new adventures on these new servers
  4. It seems that after the big King_Redbird event, it started happening.
  5. I moved from smp3 like months ago.. lol
  6. Really? The red bird event? I remember that...... Or it could just be fearless waffle's reason
  7. Ya SMP3 used to always be full, that one reason i went gold and now diamond, it all happened when the wild reset that when i noticed it was going down
  8. yeah i think it is the main reason. i also go on to different servers to find new adventures. but i also stay on smp3 because its where i started.
  9. Ya i started around January 2012 found smp3 and was hooked before i upgraded i had a hard time finding an open spot
  10. SMP3 happened t0 SMP3
  11. Hmm smp5 was like about month ago. All Of the original res holders have moved to different smp or less active but that's how things go. I spend most my time at Last Light Outpost and other running a wood supplier shop. Which it keeps me with steady income :)
  12. Can someone gimme the link the the red bird event. I want to see it.