What EMC items do you have?

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  1. Hey EMC!

    I was just curious as to what EMC items all of you had so basically Holiday Picks, Marlix Armour, 60k Armour, Valentines Day Rose, just stuff like that!

    So post below what you got and share with the community!
  2. Here are all my promos, I apologize for the sloppy lines. I couldn't find another way to do the connections lol.
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  3. - 4 Haunted Heads
    - 1 Stable Voucher
    - One ICC Parkour Event Voucher
    - 1 Incitatus (Used)
    - 1 Valens (Used)
    - 1 Saltar (Used)
    - 1 Saltar (Unused)
    - 1 Valens (Unused)
    - 2 Rudolphs
    - 3 Netherhound Eggs
    - 4 Holiday Picks
    - 9 Turkey Slicers
    - 5 Getting Started Books
    - 1 Empire Firework - 2013 Independence Day
    - 8 Independence Day Fireworks - Red and Blue
    - 8 2013 New Years Firework
    - 1 Labor Bench
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  4. I currently have the following
    Haunted head: 1x
    Turkey Slicer: 1x
    Rudolph: 1x
    2012 Fireworks: 9x
    Nether Hound Eggs: 2x
    2013 New Year Firework: 1x
    3x Getting Started Books
    1x: Labor Bench
    2x: Sets of starter armor

    I have had but gave away or sold the following
    every promo horse: 1 of each
    Orebusters: 12x
    Turkey Slicer: 1 other
    Everlasting Axe Stopper: 1x
    Vault Voucher: 4x
    Stable Voucher: 2x
    Valentines Day Rose: 1x
    Valentines Day Gift: 1x
    Independence Day Firework: 3x
    2013 I-Day normal firework: 2x
    Flaming Mob Launcher: 1x
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  5. 1 Turkey Slicer - won from an event
    3 Starter Sets (armor & sword)
    2 Starter books
    2 Haunted Candy pieces - free item giveaway from player
    1 Dragon Stone
    1 Dragon Stone Fragment
    1 Labor Bench
    That's all I've got for now :)
  6. Okay, took me a long time to count them up, but I think I found all/most of my EMC items:

    Voters Block
    Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock
    3 ICC Eggnogs
    T Virus Vaccine
    Marlix Helmet
    Marlix Chest
    Marlix Leggings
    2 Marlix Boots
    Marlix Bow
    Momentus Toothpick
    Un-lored Valentine’s Rose
    6 Original Valentine Day Gift Roses
    2 Aikar (shiny) heads
    2 Big Daddy Helmets
    Bullet-proof Vest
    Cactus Pants
    Feather Fallllling Boots
    34 Ore Busters
    3 Everlasting Axestoppers
    Flaming Mob Launcher
    4 IcecreamCow Flesh
    4 IcecreamCow Skin
    Dragon Stone Fragment
    Shpeshul Staek (Nether spleef gift from Maxarias)
    5 Haunted Heads
    10 Turkey Slicers
    7 Rudolphs
    14 Holiday Picks
    9 Labor Benches
    ‘Second Chance’ Book
    2 ‘Getting Started’ Books
    Diamond Supporter Gift
    Gold Supporter Gift
    Iron Supporter Gift
    4 ICC Cake Parkour Event voucher
    5 Instructions (blue writing)
    2 Promo Instructions
    2 EMC Treasure Vouchers
    Vault Voucher
    10 Stable Vouchers
    5 Incitatus
    4 Saltar
    2 Valens
    Super Dragon Poop
    Dragon Poop
    2012 Firework New Years
    5 2013 Firework
    4 2013 Firework iDays
    8 2013 Firework New Years
    13 Starter Kits
    20 Netherhounds
  7. I have not nearly as high as others amount of emc items, but mostly because I sold them, but I have some ;3
    Currently I have this:
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  8. I made a lie. I have 4 Saltar and 2 Valens ;)
  9. You disgrace me :p
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  10. I have:
    • Holiday Pick x2
    • 2013 NY firework x3
    • Unused Rudolph x2, used x1
    • Unused Turkey Slicer x1, Used x1
    • Ore buster
    • Nether puppies x4
    • 2012 New years FW x1
    • Vault Voucher x1
    • Labor Bench x1
    Things I no longer have :(
    • Haunted Head x3 (sold)
    • Stable Voucher x2 (sold)
    • Diamond Supporter Voucher x2 (used)
    • Turkey Slicer x8 (given away)
    • Flaming Mob Launcher (given away)
    • Ore Buster (given away)
    • Saltar (sold)
    • Incitatus (sold)
    • 2 Aikar heads, shiny ones from the drop party (sold)
    • Edition #001 Mob Arena Longbow (sold) <----- Will buy it back whoever has it, I was original owner if that makes you more inclined to sell it to me :p
  11. krysyyjane9191 has it. She bought it off of xHaro_Der who won it off of your auction :) She is making a museum on Smp2 with the Longbow in it, so the chances of you getting it back are very low :p
  12. 34 ore busters...:O
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  13. Was almost 40, but I gave one away and traded a few others :)
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  14. Haven't really quantified my items in a while so why not now?
    • Stable Voucher
    • EMC Treasure Voucher
    • Vault Voucher
    • Promo Instructions
    • New Years 2012 Empire Firework
    • New Years 2013 Empire Firework
    • Valentine's Gift (Original)
    • Incitatus
    • Saltar
    • Valens
    • Rudolph
    • 2x Netherhounds, (One in egg form and the other being my very faithful guard dog :cool:)
    • Haunted Head
    • 4th July 2013 Empire Firework
    • 4th July 2013 Independence Day Firework
    • My lovely White Point Star :)D Quite proud of that one.)
    • Full set of 60k gear.
    • Full starter set.
    • Getting started book
    Not as big as some others, *cough* FD :pbut I do enjoy it.
    Been quite lucky, never had to buy much of it (excluding 60k members gear, had to buy 2 turfinators, lost the first to a item frame glitch)
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  15. oh, gosh me, that was just the stuff upstairs, got more in the garden below
    • ICC Birthday Voucher
    • IcecreamCow Flesh
    • IcecreamCow Skin
    • T Virus Vaccine
    • Super Dragon Poop
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  16. Will share in this post later :)
  17. Well then. Great.
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