What EMC has gone through since i joined

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  1. When i joined, sometime last year in October i believe, it has gone through so much, locking chests, chat upgrades, we have access signs, wilderness locks, heck, i joined at 1.8! We have adjusted to all the updates and new users, i do the tutorial every known and then, to make sure i still got it. I do, :D
    New staff, and sadly, a few people leaving EMC, now this part is quite sad, some respected members have left, and are not coming back, :( But hey, atleast the "30,000"are still here!! everyday new users join, its amazing, so thankyou EMC, thanks for all the good times! also, EMC has brought me and my best friend more together!

    Thanks so much! I love you justinguy, i love you IceCreamCow!
  2. my mom says im addicted to mc and i started laughing then i said
    "dang i really need to take a break"
    -so i am and focusing on school more
    -also theres this plugin ive been looking at its a full on inter server trading system its sick

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  3. same its has changes soo much since october
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  4. I can't imagine what it must be for you guys who joined in the 'early' days. Especially Justin and Jeremy, who would have known we would have grown and changed so much? Heck, I feel like we've grown a TON since I joined, and I've only been around since January!
  5. yeah like some really good friends of mine have gone away also i remember before they had a separate server for utopia and when they added smp2 :D
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  6. When I first Joined their where only 2 servers
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  7. maybe we could do like a memorial thing saying about everything that has changes since you joined;)
  8. When I first joined, there was one server. The address was basically what SMP1 is today. The old IP address was Main.EmpireMinecraft.com. :D

    In fact... I made that EMC promotional video, and at the end it shows the old IP address. I should get along to making a new, full scale one...
  9. yeah i remember the main.empireminecraft.com or the play.empireminecraft.com don't remember which

    but you have been here longer than a lot of people:D
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  10. Been here since October 23, 2011. :)
  11. yeah ;) i still have a hard time thinking that i have been on empire for such a long time its weird
  12. When I joined there was only 4 or 5 servers I cant remember :D
  13. yeah its hard to believe how much it has expanded :eek:
  14. I joined about a year and a half ago, in 1.7.3 I think. There were 3 servers, and only 30 people on at a time :p
  15. How could you have been on Empire since a year and a half ago when it says you have only been here for 184 days. :p
  16. Whoops. I meant half a year ago.
  17. Ya for emc:)
  18. Dude tottally
  19. I joined Nov 16th 3 days before smp2 was opened wow in tose days i lives in a sandstone block in the wild xD and no one ever griefed it even though it was right next to the spawn about 30+70blocks away its a shame you have to go out about 15k+ blocks to not get found and robbed :(
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