what does your single player creations look like!?

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  1. i want to know what every one else has constructed for their homes when it comes to single player games! is it more for show, or survival !?

    i love looking at things other people have built, please post photos! :)
  2. I found a natural cave, and decided to build there, so there's not much to see from the outside, but it's awesome on the inside.
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  3. There's a hardcore run in my signature with a caved-in house I built. I'm also working on a civilization on another hardcore mode; I'll post here when finished.
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  4. I am having trouble posting pictures, but most of what I build sucks anyway. In my first survival world I built two giant stone towers and a village. In my creative world I built a 100x100 pyramid and started building an airship but quit.
  5. I had epic buildings. Then a virus came onto my cpu and deleted ALL of my mc files.
  6. Like smile3 I had an epic build that was lost. I had a church with pews an alter, chandeliers, balcony seating. It also had a large foyer. When secret passage ways were accessed you would end up in the dome of the church to enter or egress a nether portal (inspired by Assassin's Creed).
  7. Sound awesome! :D
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  8. indeed it does, i love assasin's creed.

    but no one has posted any pictures :(
  9. Mine has.... lot's of cake...
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  10. I'm building a village using the spawn building on emc. I'm going to have a huge city soon <3
  11. After 3 failed attempts to post screenshots I realized I suck at using computers.:(
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  12. 1. Go here: http://tinypic.com/
    2. Upload picture
    3. Choose direct link for layouts
    4. Click the Insert/edit image button in your post
    5. Enter the link there
    6. Be happy :D

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  13. I run my singleplayer game on Multiplayer for friends when they ask me to. We also run Super Hostile maps every once in a while. Treehouses ftw <3 those jungle trees
  14. Something that looks like a heck of a lot of tnt! I litterately blew up bedrock before!
  15. Cobble towers for the win :D
  16. Thats an excessive use of cobblestone! BANNED!
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  17. The towers are not hollow they each have 17 floors. Here is view from the top.Best Minecraft Servers
  18. Here is a 100x100 pyramid I made in creativeBest Minecraft ServersAnd yes I know all my stuff looks like crap. If I ever finish my airship I might post a picture.
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  19. Pictures = awesome!