What does this Message mean?

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  1. Hey there! I'm kinda confused with this 'message' i recieved from my MC ... It seems that everybody on the server got this message, but why?

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  2. Do /give DesDeSable 1 1
    Post back here if anything happens. If this works and gives you somthing post back if it doesnt still post back. Let me know do not abuse this dude it can get you banned test it and post results.
  3. op is basically mod powers for vanilla servers, probably a bug or something
  4. Thats what it said.

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  5. Did it also say on ur screen 'you are no longer op'?
  6. No idea. It prolly did, but might have been too much spam if it did.
  7. Yea some1 told it went 'you are now op' to 'you are no longer op'
  8. I just missed it >_<
  9. same :(
  10. it was SRHMC trolling people
    he wrote that as part of the message above it

    he also did all the <Notch> messages
  11. Thanks for clearing that up. I figured you would have the answers ;)
  12. Thanks Aikar :)
  13. Aikar beat me to the secrets.

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