What does this mean?

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  1. I go to join another server, and a message pops up, saying,
    "You are not white-listed on this server!"
    What does this mean?
  2. It means you have to contact the server owners through a forum or some other way and they add you to a list that lets you on the server.
  3. Basically like you know those big guys in front of clubs who say: You aren't on the list?

    Like that techincally.
  4. It means the person hasn't configured your account to be let in on the server terminal.
  5. How do i join?
  6. You sign up on their PMC, MinecraftForum page... or their website.
  7. Naughty jtc trying to join another server.
  8. You can't until they add you into the allowed player list.
    I agree with hylian.
    Naughty jtc. Trying to join another server :p
  9. It's all in good fun ;p