what does this mean????

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  1. i have a small shop of about 7 items or so. But if i try to create another shop after 7, it will say, "another players shop detected!" what does this mean and how can i create more shops?
  2. Sounds like a weird glitch, or somebody has a shop on your res and its invisible to you.
  3. There is a sign above the future shop sign. Take that one down. If you need help, tell me what res and I'll come by.
  4. When a sign is close to another it will say that to stop it self being confused with player shops
  5. ok now when some1 tries to buy, it say it's out of stock. now what do i do?

    (ps there is items in the chest)
  6. make sure its the right item
  7. the sign says nether wart. i put nether wart in there. now what?
  8. Maybe the nether wart hasn't been grown?!?
  9. The item id for netherwart is nether stalk. I hat it when this happens, like blue dye is lapis and sulphur is gunpowder.
  10. or to make sure you have the right item just hold the item in your hand and type /iteminfo
  11. your right. problem solved thx :)
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