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  1. So I've been on SMP1 recently, and I've noticed that when I try to help people/give advice/warn people, they ignore me or say some deragatory statement and continue doing it until.....
    A moderator intervenes
    Jack comes along (I'm NOT bashing Jack, I'm just saying he's better at crowd control then me)
    An admin joins
    And lastly, a diamond supporter (a competent one of course) joins.
    I don't have any pics, but last night, this happened:
    Noob 1 spams chat.
    I tell him to stop spamming.
    Noob 2 says: "So who cares? You're not a diamond supporter... why should we listen to you?"
    I say, "What's so good about a Diamond supporter? I believe they get more options and different title than me, but that's basically it if you're talking about personality/helpfulness.
    So basically the moral of the story: Everyone one of us is the same. We should be treated the same as well. If I'm trying to help you and you ignore me, and a Diamond supporter/admin helps you and you listen, is that fair? (Except IcecreamCow) :)
    Treat others how you would like to be treated. Too bad this never happens on the Internet/EMC.
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  2. This never really happens to me though im only ever in town on smp 9 most just respect me when i give them advice. Im sure they see the diamond supporters as sort of a moderator in a sense though if there causing trouble im sure we don't want them here in the first place
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  3. Noobs will be noobs, they will get ban for their disrespect.
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  4. I have seen it when people think they are better than everyone else just because they are a supporter.
    That really bugs me.
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  5. I've never seen that happen though i do see where certain people's respect comes from how long you have been playing on emc and my response is you only found out about this awesome server before me :)
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  6. Think of it this way: if they're not willing to help themselves then they deserve what they get in the end.
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  7. I do agree, this is one of the reasons why I became gold, so I could get noticed. And yes it is highly anoying, everybody should be treated the same no matter what color (In minecraft and real life)
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  8. :) Thanks! :3
  9. IamSaj, dont be too dismayed. I am diamond and I get those same remarks. My reaction is to report the person because they are obviously showing complete disrespect for both the rules and the community players. Mods should only HAVE to intervene in extreme circumstances, but some people feel that they are the only governing voice in the empire. I simply remind them that it is the community's job to remind people (kindly) of the rules BEFORE a mod has to step in.
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  10. We can't change the fact that kids and immature people dosn't respect other players. They will have to change them selfs sadly. :(
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  11. Which they won't.
  12. Jack is better at crowd control than ALL of us :p But yes, we should all be treated the same, because EMC is a communist community! Which means we also get hot Asian chicks.
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  13. 99% of the time I'm on smp1 I have /ch off, the amount of annoying people and noobs is far to overwhelming, also I never ignore anyone because maybe someday the'll have a sweet deal on something and they advertise it in chat.
  14. Actually, EMC is more socialistic than communistic. For one, there's a capitalism-like economy in place. :p

    Non-sequitur, much? Haha. :D
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  15. I only talk on town chat when there are a lot of smp5 vets on but majority I just pm someone if I want to talk you. I been on smp9 last couple of days building in the wild making a base but come back to town for supplies and sell item and talk few people good community.