What do you think should be sold in a small buisness

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  1. Hey Guys ! =^_^= I am currently working on a very huge store but want to bringing in money as well. So i started a little shop with what I think people mainly need. People use every item in the game obviously but i want to know what YOU think is a popular item that could be sold in small store and alway's have in stock? :)
  2. Diamonds. Definitely diamonds.
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  3. You should always stock what is most popular at a cheap price, but that you still get a profit from it, and that you can regularly restock that item.

    Diamonds are expensive because they are hard to find in large amounts, but are highly sought after because of the uses they bring, and most importantly are the best equipment.

    It would be great if you could have diamonds, but you must be able to satisfy the demand for it as well, if you sell it lower than other competitors.
  4. Wood logs and planks!
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  5. Diamonds are a great money maker, but they can be difficult to keep in stock unless you're always out mining for them.

    Wood logs are also a good choice because there is always demand for them. They don't sell for a whole lot per stack, but the demand will keep the rupees flowing.
  6. All sorts of wood, logs and planks. Diamonds of course as everyone as said :p Saplings, food stuffs, WOOL. Everyone wants wool in my opinion. Stone/Stone bricks/Cobble. Maybe I'm just listing everything I want. Oh, and glowstone :)
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  7. Watch chat requests for items and materials and choose something you're willing and able to supply that's not being supplied. Keep an eye on who's responding to those requests. If there is a lot of competition on your server for a particular item you may want to pass. If there's something people are asking for that no one seems to have you may have your item.

    Raw materials like logs, sand or cobblestone, you'll likely move a lot of. Crafted items, or processed materials like glass and stone, you may sell less of but they have a higher value.

    Whatever you choose, make sure it suits your play preferences. If you don't want to find yourself chopping trees all the time don't sell logs or planks unless you know someone who wants to help supply them. If you like making wool sculptures, maybe selling wool is the way to go.

    Good Luck!
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  8. Yup. Like what everyone else said, just stock what's in demand, which is normally construction blocks and diamonds.
  9. Thanks Guys :) You really gave me alot of idea's
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  10. Diamonds, stone, stone brick, logs (especially oak they sell like hot cakes)
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  11. Diamonds. It sounds obvious but you can make a huge markup on them. On the Arabian Marketplace I have in SMP7 I stocked Diamonds at 70r a go. Just stuck a stack in and left them. Sure enough, sold every one even though the average price was more like 50r.