What do YOU think is better? Iron or Diamond?

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  1. Please, don't turn this into a flame war.

    You might post, "Well, Diamond can be used more then iron items, so Diamond!"

    Well, If you ask me, Iron, is better then Diamonds. Why do I say this? Iron can be used for more stuff, then Diamond. As far as I know,

    Diamond can be used for

    1.Diamond blocks
    9.Enchantment table

    Iron, can be used for

    1.Iron blocks
    10.Flint and steel
    11Iron bar
    13.Steel door
    16 Both pistons

    11.Normal rail track and Detector track
    I might be missing some stuff from both lists, so if I am, please let me know.

    So, if you ask me, Iron is just more useful, then Diamond. Its also easier to find.
  2. I think they are even to about 6-7 iron to a diamond and when you go mining you allways get tonnes of iron so you never have a shortage
  3. Diamond armor is way better than iron. Diamond tools last way longer. They also are used for enchantment tables.
  4. You missed enchanting table out. :p

    If you had to choose only one or the other, the argument will have Enchanting and Jukeboxes on the Diamond side and shears and flint and steel on the other (you can get rails and buckets from adventuring).

    You can't get to the nether without Diamond (for the obsidian) and Flint and Steel (to light the portal), so without either, you're stuck in the overworld!

    You also can't mine diamond without iron :D
  5. Pick up lava with bucket, Mold shape of portal. You have a nether portal.
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  6. I would prefer a diamond pickax over a iron one, but I just see iron being more needed then diamond, but that's just me.
  7. Iron bars
    Steel door
    and you need iron to mine diamond.

    Would still rather have diamonds though
  8. No iron pick no diamonds xD
  9. DIamond for lasting time iron for different creations
  10. Mind = blown
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  11. I say coal
    Without coal, you could never get those precious iron ingots. Without iron ingots, you would never mine those diamonds you've always wanted. Without Diamonds, you would never mine that obsidian so you can go to the nether. So if you argue on any side, it should be coal. Coal makes all of this possible. (and charcoal, but logs are a different story.)
    Without logs, you could never make a crafting table to make a pickaxe....
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  12. Who needs coal when you have wood planks.
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  13. Who needs wood planks when you have coal?
  14. Diamonds win any day
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  15. who needs coal when u have charcoal?
  16. Can't get coal without wood planks :)
  17. ... How do you get all of this? With your HANDS. XD
  18. You can make Iron golems with iron. But personally, I like diamonds. They're blue!~

    In minecraft they are anyway...

    I'm not exactly an enchanting fan, and I don't have any luck with music discs so a jukebox is pointless(Though I do like the music). I get excited when I find a blaze spawner. Brewing stands! <3~
  19. hwo did we get coal!
  20. Oh please, they are all equally useful. Imagine you had to survive without one of these: iron, diamonds,charcoal or coal( I left out gold because it is only really useful for VERY few things). If you attempted to play minecraft without any iron you wouldn't be able to mine diamonds, you wouldn't be able to have a rail system, you wouldn't be able to make pistons(big one) and you wouldn't be able to make potions because you wouldn't be able to make a cauldron. If you attempted to play minecraft without any diamonds it immediately takes out the possibility for enchanting items and there would be no need for an exp bar. Enchanting is a BIG part of the game. If you attempted to play minecraft without any coal/charcoal, well, so many items need smelting that it takes out the possibility of getting these items. Imagine cave exploring without any torches, pretty hard eh?

    Basically what I am trying to get at is that all of these items are useful in there own ways.
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