What do you guys think?

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Do you trust Tremor Games?

Yes 2 vote(s) 66.7%
No 1 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. First of all I would just like to say that this is not intended to advertise the service in any way! I am quite honestly just asking if anyone has ever heard of it before and if I should trust it...

    Anyways, I was browsing Steam and I found a link to this site. Basically from what I have seen it seems to be similar to GameLoot in that you do things on their site, earn coins on their site & trade those coins in for real prizes...
    Now honestly to me this seems way too good to be true considering what great titles I could get supposedly for free! So if you guys have ever heard of this before and know about it's validity could you please inform me (and others) as I think this could possibly be a great benefit to all of us just so long as it isn't a fraud; stealing identities and selling our emails to spam companies ;)

    Just on a little side note I was browsing through and one of the games you can supposedly get for free is Minecraft :D (alts ftw)

    Again I would just like to say this was not intended to be an advertisement of the site in any way, just thought guidance from the Empire Community would be nice ;)
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  2. I did some research and from what I have seen it looks mostly safe just don't earn any coins via downloadable content or anything that requires personal info ;)
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  3. Yup, this is legit. It's just like any other game that you can get free coins: you have to download paid apps, or sign up for this
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  4. Okay thanks for the feedback guys :) So are you sure it is safe to go ahead with utilizing this service?
  5. I'm quoting you to ask if there was any particular reason you voted no in the poll. This is because I would like to understand the concerns of the Empire Community before jumping into things that seem a bit fishy to me. If you could get back to me on your concerns that would be great!
    Thanks in advance!