what do you guys think about "linked" portals from your res to the wild/nether?

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  1. i have built a few things in the wild before and they were griefed. i always wanted a base in the wild but was afraid that i might put a whole day or 2 into one only for it to be griefed. i have read threads on here and for other servers saying you have to place your stuff in the wild far from the spawn and i agree with that. what i can't wrap my head around is "why isn't there a way that i can get to my wild base or build without having to hoof it there for an hour to get to it?". so i was thinking. what if we took the portals we use in town then change the code so we can put [link] "keyphrase" on the sign below and link 2 portals together that lead to each other.this way you can take a few hours and go say another 10k-20k off the spawn/outposts and set up a base in a place you see fit. then set up portal in your house to it. after doing that you wouldn't have to worry so much about someone finding your base and griefing it or getting lost trying to find the spawn again. this would make it so you can build xp grinders, drop grinders, snow golem farms, and slime farms without haveing to worry if you put it too close to a spawn and someone finding it. also this would make it so hard for someone that is just on the server to grief that it wouldn't be worth the time. the only way that i see someone doing so would be to stalk you on the live map.

    is this something that the community would find useful or would this make it so that there would be so many portals that the landscape would suffer like how we were afraid the locked chests would do?
    also, is this possible to be done? is there a plugin or a code change that can be done or is it hardwired into minecraft that it is impossible? what is your take on this?
  2. this as come up a few times, i think the answer was it affects the survival aspect of it. I feel your pain though. The best thing you can do is make a portal to the nether at your base and travel that way (1 block in the nether is 8 blocks in wilderness)
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  3. i say yes, i wouldnt find that the landscape would be littered as it is very costly to buy obsidean, and then also people could use it to grieth your house from your res so people will make it well hidden. i cant see a probolem with this.
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  4. I think it's a great idea:)
    You should have a poll on this thread....
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  5. Yeah, the general opinion on this in the past is that it would greatly take away from the survival part of the wild.
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  6. But we could make that it costs like 1000-2000 rupees to make linked portals from wild to town:)
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  7. Or even more;)
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  8. i really don't see it as a hit to the survival aspect of it because you still have to make the main trip once and you still have to deal with mobs/hazards when you are there or setting up. i can agree with the go to the nether and travel idea and i have used that before but that also puts your portal on the surface of the wild. what if you are trying to set up a base that has a portal to the nether and you want them both "sealed". besides if the survival aspect was the issue, the town would be surrounded by the wild and the outposts might not exist.

    i completely agree with you on them getting to your base from your house but that is all the res owners fault. ihave a feeling thats what you were getting at.

    thanks guys for your input.
  9. i agree with you, portals like that would be nice to have, that was just the response the last thread got, and I can understand the reasoning behind it.

    only if you make the portal in the nether, if you travel to your base via the wild, then make a portal to the nether you can place it where ever you want (I hide mine in caves)
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  10. i don't see this being an issue that would have to be made so we pay for it. put it this way. it would give a new bussiness to our town. someone can explore and find awesome overhangs, mountains, ect and want to show off findings. makeing them 1000-2000 won't make this a great idea unless you are a gld or diamond supporter. if there were a way that once a link is broken the sign pops off the portal that would be cool also. people can "recycle the abandoned portals for themselves. you can't do that with locked chests.

    thanks for the suggestion. it is an idea that is worth thinking about.
  11. thanks for the input jeremy. love to hear what an admin has to say about it. i kind of figured that it was brought up before but i wasn't sure. if you know of a thread i can read on this, i'd love to hear what was said in the past. also how do i make a poll? Liasen said to make one and i don't know how.

    edit: i just read the "it's in the grey text" thread and had to check to see if there was more. lol
  12. With the new, lockable chests, I see it as much more viable to stay for extended periods in the Wild and not worry about losing stuff or having to make lots of trips back.

    If you want to go out, make it an expedition. Take plenty of bread and some wheat seeds and start a farm once you find your spot.

    Start digging away and build a lockable chest for 1000r, keep all your valuables in it that you don't want to worry about losing if you die. Once you've got enough ore or whatever it is you're after, try and craft as much as you can down to a smaller size, so iron into iron blocks, etc. By that stage, you'd have hundreds of iron units and whatever else. Then it's time to head for home.

    Realistically, you could stay in the Wilds for days at a time operating this way before needing to come back.
    It's what I currently do when I find an Abandoned Mine. I make sure I find the Entrance room, and systematically clear all four tunnels before compressing what I have and heading home.
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  13. thanks i never knew there was an entrance room. learn something new everyday. lol. other than that i see your point of makeing it an expedition out of it but i'm looking for a more permanent base to set up things tat can't be mined. more to the point xp, warts and other mob drops. i know there are ways of doing it now and there are people that have great setups to do so, but i'd like more security when those setups are made. the biggest security is distance in my mind. biggest con about that is time hoofing it. another plus about it is let's say you did do your expedition. before you come back you can set up a portal, hoof it back, and set up one in your house. now you have a way back to there quick and go further out, expanding the live map.

    thanks for your input. gave me new ideas about how i will work in the wild.