What do you do when you afk?

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  1. I wanna know what you do while afking..... I usually click refresh on forums until I get an alert....

    What do you do? :p
  2. Either stare out my window, or just watch the chat to see what mysteriously goes on while im *suppose to be Afk*. :p
  3. .__.
  4. .________________________________________.
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  5. Eat icecream.
  6. I feel those eyes in the back of my head ._.
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  7. splendid idea lol
  8. You're beautiful, not scary.
    THIS is scary:

    I usually just make myself a cup of tea and/or go to the toilet. Or make something to eat .___.
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  9. Fire. Duh.
  10. I never said I was, but I think I look very beautiful. So beautiful, I couldn't stop smiling, so I cut a smile on my face to show my happiness. I burned off my eyelids so that I may see my gorgeousness, always, and yours too.
  11. No. :p
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  12. Da faq is that?
  13. The Rake.
    How have your eyeballs not dried up and their optical nerves rendered useless?
  14. It stings a little, but I have no general feelings in my eyes anymore.
  15. I watch derps in chat, fix food, look at the forums.
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  16. Umm build on my other account... Or watch YouTube if they're both AFKing...
  17. look at threads like this
  18. I sit there wondering why I'm AFK.
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