what do you do to keep your store stocked?

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  1. I have been trying to keep up with demand of things but its so difficult when you have two big projects your working on, so i was wondering what do you do to keep your store stocked and keep your customers happy? :)
  2. When I'm out looking for a specific item or in a dungeon, I always keep my eye out for product that I'm low on, or can't get very often (i.e - Redstone while in a cave, or apples while chopping trees etc.) That has always worked for me, and I seem to be ok for stock right now.
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  3. Offer Prizes and run supplier races such as the mighty 1783 super store does :)
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  4. I was thinking of making a supplier buisness :D
  5. You just have to know people.

    I've got suppliers for my shop and it's still being built.
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  6. lol well you just have it all set then :)
  7. Only sell what you can keep in stock. Like don't sell diamonds if you never have any. :)
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  8. acutally i would like to have suppliers but i dontknow how to get any :(
  9. Nothing, I'm to lazy
  10. Just ask around and see if people are willing to help you out :)
  11. but i dont know what to pay them to supply me :( if i had an idea then it would be easy
  12. Not really. I decided to go all out and put diamond blocks literally everywhere. Spent a lot of money on 5-6 diamond block stacks, auction, and cake.
  13. Money soon builds up when you have 5 alt accounts eh rob ;)
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  14. You will never need suppliers as long as you manage to keep a low margin on buy/sell prices.

    40% ish of my rupees log - is from random people selling stuff.
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  15. 6 accounts, actually. ;)
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  16. Why would any one need 6 MC accounts?
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  17. Why post a comment via an alt? ;)
  18. This is my one and only MC account. You where quite mistaken when you accused me of being PT
  19. I apologize for accusing you of that, but I know for a fact that you are an alternate account. Sorry to split the cake.
  20. What? :D