What do I have?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by QuarterStop, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. I have a sore throat, headache, and I was throwing up this mining along with a bad cough. What might I have and how can I "fix it". Been sick since Friday.
  2. Oh no... YOU'RE GOING TO DIE!!!!!!
    JK, it's just the typical flu. Take antibiotics, cough medicine, drink water and such, it should be gone within a week or so.
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  3. It's called a Doctor, use it, :)
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  4. That's.... not helping.
  5. You've got Minecrascity syndrome. It happens when you play too much MineCraft.

    I suggest stop playing for 25 years, if the problem persist, I can't help you.

    Go to a Doctor? :p
  6. I once got that, worst day of my life.
  7. But you guys are always right? You all Have a PHD in medical right....
  8. Josh isn't a doctor xD
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  9. My mum does :p She said 'Go to a doctor'.
  10. Doctor? Doctor who?
  11. Try out chicken soup.
  12. looks like someone has played to much minecraft....
  13. iPhone auto correct :p good point tho
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  14. Dont take antibiotics, only take them when your really sick, very. If you have antibiotics everytime your sick, the body relys on them to keep it running, and when it doesnt, quaterstop gets sick more often :)
  15. My ER nurse nurse of a mom says you have a virus, but she says it could be a number of things if u have a fever.