What did you get from the SMP1 book signing?

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  1. If you didn't know, SMP1 had (and currently still is having) a book signing with ICC, Maxarias and others. Post what you got off them here, and let everyone else know what tricks you played on them! (Page 2 works very well - "My name is Max and ate EyeCar -Maxarias")
  2. But they cant be /vault ed over to other SMP's :(
  3. Yeah, that's a shame :( I presume Justin/EyeCarian are working on a fix though. :)
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  4. EyeCarian?
    And i got one signed by R0bbiejo :p
  5. They can't be vaulted? I'm pretty sure i vaulted mine to smp4.
  6. Aikar
  7. They'll wipe clean if you do, from experience.
  8. noooooooooo. Im checking it now...
  9. I got IcecreamCow and Maxarias. :p
  10. Don't tell me i MISSED IT :( Are there any more?
  11. It started randomly lol, this one wasn't planned or anything.

    I can't tell you what's in the book ICC signed for me, but I have to say, it really is quite amazing.
  12. I missed it?! I was too busy selling books! what cruel irony!!!!!
  13. As far as I know, Hammpshopper pays 3k for them. Each.
  14. Awh man I missed it because my internet was out. ):
  15. I got one signed by The Tomato King.
  16. ur picture is kinda creepy bob
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  17. I like it :p