What da?

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  1. so i was going to a nether fortress in smp7 and i saw this :eek: 2012-10-31_17.07.28.png It was not a player using /d pigman because i managed to kill him ( no pumkins by the way :oops:) do pigmans now can spawn with a pumpkin in his head?someone explain me xD 2012-10-31_17.07.20.png 2012-10-31_17.07.31.png
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  2. dose the server have /d?
  3. That sometimes happens on Halloween
  4. <-<
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  5. here it is :D
  6. Mojang did that Just for today, and they are supposed to not be affected by sun today - watch out :).
  7. wow cool xD
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