What college/School do you attend?

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  1. Whilst talking to some friends in game/on the forums/in real life, the idea came up to see what colleges/schools we all attend, in the possible attempt to get together with some fellow Empire Minecraft-ians. How cool would it be to get together with those people near you and have an Empire Minecraft party? XD

    To start things off, I attend the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York, USA. :)
  2. Turramurra High School, NSW, Sydney, Australia
  3. haha I'm sorry but reading this reminded me of "P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney" :)
  4. Hässelby villastads skolan,hässelby,stockholm,sweden,Europe :)
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  5. Saint Kentigern College, Pakurange, Auckland, Newzeland

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  6. Wow! 4 of 4 people are from different countries :)
  7. XieHe International MiddleSchool
  8. Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand.
  9. University of Applied Sciences Dortmund, Germany
  10. Work - Adult Life

    :( I graduated from college already and work full time lol.
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  11. Full time Mom and take night classes at Shelton state community college!
  12. Rustin High PA USA im at school right now XD
  13. Haha I have played Minecraft during chemistry lecture on multilple occasions XD
  14. lol wish i could my school blocks EVERYTHING i have to use my phone to go on the forums
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  15. Luzac College, Leiden, The Netherlands

    And after this i will be attending the HKU

    Highschool for the Arts in Utrecht, Bachelor of Spatial Design (I wonder why that is:rolleyes:)
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  16. EB 2/3 Telheiras, Portugal
  17. Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck New Jersey USA
  18. YOu are kidding ME!!!!!! Bro, I live in New Zealand too!!

    I went to Sancta Maria College, Botany Downs, Auckland!
    Wow, what a small world ae?

    But right now I am going to Auckalnd University of Technology and doing a Masters of Mechanical Engineering, specialising in Advance Aerospace propulsion :)

    LOL Im flabberghasted that you live in NZ too! Let alone the same city!
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  19. And this everyone is the reason we wanted to make this thread :) Who knows MR2R2M, maybe you just found a new buddy haha
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  20. GOOD job for making it!
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