What can I do about my EMC firework?

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  1. At the 1.5 minecraft update drop party, I luckily achieved picking up a dropped EMC firework, at the time, I didn't know using the vault for transferring the EMC fireworks, will delete the effects. Afterwards of moving it to smp6, and seeing no effects happening when I used it, I quickly looked around on the forums, and saw that moving certain items in vault will delete their effects, and it will be fixed some other day. So, ewils and I left it in a special chest on his res, and I stopped worrying about it.

    However, today, I asked about if EMC fireworks can be transferred in the vault, and some kind people replied that they can. So.... What can I do with my EMC firework? Will an admin offer to fix it, or will I be doomed with a broken firework?
  2. Hmm... this is a toughy, I might have to consult my meme dictionary.
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  3. I'm not too sure about the firework, but if it still has the coloured name, I'd private message an admin and figure out if you can trade the broken one for a working one.
  4. Sorry about what happened. I'd think your best option for help is PMing an admin for advice, and ask if you could possibly get it back. I don't think the random players here could help.
  5. Here's the firework..

    Thanks for the PM advice, the only problem; I dunno who to PM though..
  6. Helped out. :) Just requires your input.