what came first "chicken OR the egg"

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what came first, "chicken OR the egg"

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chicken 7 vote(s) 70.0%
egg 3 vote(s) 30.0%
  1. i spent a week trying to solve this one. its unsolveable :D
  2. Chickens can lay eggs without them being fertilized. This means the eggs are made up of non-genetically-mixed material, and that the fertilization alters the contents of the eggs (the thing that gets hatched).

    This means that some kind of proto-chicken got fertilized, laid a proto-chicken egg that contained a mutated offspring that we would today call a chicken.

    So obviously, the chicken came first!
  3. Chuck Norris.
  4. lol mr2r2m you copied that from notch's tweet
  5. Exactly
    Notch is great!
  6. I thought it fitting to post here! XD
  7. Where did that chicken come from....?
  8. Ive decided that fish and dinosaurs laid eggs, so ergo the dino egg came first!
  9. were did the dinosaurs come from...see u cant solve this:confused:
  10. Since all life came from micro organisms and then evolved, something evolved into a chicken that layed an egg. So the chicken came first!
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  11. Agreed!
  12. where did the micro organisms come from?
  13. Now this is just getting too far!! XD
  14. I got an answer, but it would upset many non religious folk....... GOD!!!!
  15. so what did come first chicken or egg???
  16. I would like to be as technical as possible about this, but here is a simpler version.
    As all life here on Earth, I believe we came from a unicellular organism. Cells are never created, but instead they must divide from already existing cells. At some point, these cells decided to divide and grow bigger and stronger. After years and years of growing, we reached multi-cellular organisms, and thrived off of our land. After so long, the species "chicken" was created, along with many others. This chicken had many abilities that others may not have had, but one of it's abilities was to lay eggs for the reproduction of its species.

    So in conclusion, the chicken must have came first, for an egg only comes from a chicken. They cannot randomly be created by the power of cellular division, for the chicken has organs that help in this process.

    Hooray for science!

    And also, I personally believe cells came from the creation of Earth. As out earth was formed and flooded with what we call "water", these unicellular organisms grew from the particles that came off of impacts from asteroids/comets/ect..

    Where did these space rocks come from? Well Chuck Norris of course.
  17. The micro organisms came from a lucky combination of elements and conditions on earth at the same time. Oh and the. Hi men came first, as me and m&m have explained THE CHICKEN CAME FIRST. Oh nothing is to techincal .
  18. It can certainly be much more technical than that. Read the post above yours.
  19. haha i like your explanation tonic
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