What are your plans for summer?

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  1. Minecraft, Parties, Sleeping and taking a class for 1/2 a high-school credit
  2. I will spend my summer blowing up the Tomato world and taking it over.
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  3. Well, that's partly true.. But for the second year in a row I'm going to be spending approx 3 weeks in the US of A ... So more winter for me woohoo.
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  4. School Study and try to get a job
  5. i will more than likely spend more time outside with my son as he is already obsessed with being out there and he isn't even 2 yet 0.o so i foresee lots of walks around the block, squishing ants, scraps on the knees from running too fast on uneven sidewalk, a ton of sun screen, a little mini plastic pool, swimmer diapers, and good memories <3 and of course a ton of minecraft, since my son also LOVES and i mean LOVES to watch and help me play minecraft ^.^ whoot, go him! :)
  6. haha
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  7. Well my dad is going to mexico next, in honor of his dad that died 9yrs ago.
    While he's doing that I don't think I'll be able to get a nights rest since we have to get ready for when my family and I have to leave to visit my grandma who is sick for fourth of july, this'll probably be her last year...

    But on the bright side, I haven't seen the res of my aunts, uncles, cousins etc. in over a year! So I'll be happy to see them.
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  8. Summer plans:
    3 week summer school
    XC Retreat
    Anything else I feel like doing.
    (Note that I will be running almost every day.)
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  9. I'm unsure. A couple of weeks is a long time away for me.
  10. Plan:
    1. Summer School self-paced ftw mostly liekly going to be done tuesday of next week cause Ima smart Waffle
    2. Swimming
    3. Minecraft
    4. Read Inheritance (Eragon 4th book)
    5. Go outside :O
    6. Run for fun! :O
    7. Go to the gym everyday
    8. Soccer Conditioning... AGAIN
    9. Summer reading list
    10. Get some sleep
  11. "Smart cookie? Pfft... I'm a smart WAFFLE!"
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  12. you guys should come visit me :)
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  13. so your not going to eat any waffles over the summer? i'm ashamed of you.. Sssssss...
  14. Vacation, Xbox, Friends, Fun, Minecraft, Youtube
  15. Not really much play minecraft and get in better shape a.k.a running.
  16. Running ROCKS! My mom has her marathon coming up in june. GO MOMMA!
  17. Minecraft,wet ,n wild (aka hurricane harbor ) and Pre-college stuff :p
  18. That is called crying obsidian btw it was never implemented into MC :(
  19. Australia, here i come :D
  20. Time to get my pranks out :D
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