What are those random light spots on my residence?

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  1. There are random light spots on my residence, which I think is pretty annoying. I mean, if I need light I will make it myself. Is it a bug? Is it a feature? Can I get rid of it?

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  2. its a well known bug, the lights that were on your res before you claimed it persist when reset
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  3. Don't get me started on lighting problems and Minecraft..

    Mojang 3 years ago: "Hmm.. We'll work on fixing the lighting for the next update"
    Mojang 2 years ago: "We'll fix it next update.. we promise!"
    Mojang 1 year ago: "The day shall come with no more lighting bugs next update."
    Mojang today: "Okay well.. we may never fix it"
  4. I've been able to get them to turn off before. Try placing blocks where you think the old source was from before. Then remove the block once the light goes out. You should be able to get rid of all of them.
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  5. The strange thing is that the light sources randomly appear and disappear, which makes even less sense.
  6. whats worse then spotty lighting is spotty darkness which also causes lag
  7. If I take out all my light sources and reset my res, will the lights be gone, or will the lights of the previous owner still exist?
  8. you have to do this:
    but even that might not fix it i went so far as having my entire res set to airblocks to fix one and it still is there so idk #blamedwight
  9. ghost lights. :eek:
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  10. Or you could have fun with the ghostly lighting and make a story to go along with it.
  11. The lighting glitches are caused by world edit and the fact that Minecraft doesn't know the blocks were all updated. This is a known issue and one that is not easily solvable. The only thing you can do at this point is fill the area with blocks and remove them thus causing MC to do a block update.
  12. Can't the staff update all the blocks after a reset?
  13. Just place a block on the source of light to update it and should go away.
  14. Not as simple as just doing a command, if it really annoys you deal with it yourself.
  15. Of course, but you would think there must be a way to prevent this in the future, like locating all the light sources and updating them or something like that.
  16. I was digging the dirt on my res to solve the lights, and I found a random painting buried inside. How is that possible?
  17. found another one
  18. Further evidence that someone lived there prior
  19. While WorldEdit does do this too, Residence has its own plot reset system that is possibly causing the lights to appear.
  20. I tried that, and it seemed to work, but later the lights reappeared.
    Then I tried to put down torches around the lights and braking them, and that worked! The lights didn't return (yet), even after reconnecting to the server several times.
    It seems that block updates alone don't solve this problem.