What are hotels?

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  1. I'm making this thing called the Jimbo tower.
    Some people have said part of it should be a hotel.
    Please can someone please tell me the requirements and the pourpuse or any tips on this topic.
  2. A broad overview.

    Generally a hotel in minecraft involves you splitting your res into rooms (which chances are you will have already done). You would then control access to the rooms and items in the room using access signs.

    For instance, you'd setup an access sign to get into the room over the door, then ones for chests, furnaces, workbenches etc inside. Once you've done this, you'd charge a rent amount for the room, or a permanent fee to buy that space.

    Feel free to ask more detailed questions.
  3. So what should a good hotel room have?
  4. That depends on price really. You need to balance what you think you can sell / rent a hotel room for versus what you put in it. You're going to have to have someone rent it down the road, so if you're charging 8k for permissions, it better be worth 8k.

    Furnaces, chests, workbenches, beds, are pretty common.

    Enchantment tables, potion brewing stands. Think of it as, what would you want in your res. Just like the real world, you can rent a room at a motel 6 that will have little more than a bed and tv, or you can spend more money and rent a room at a 5 star resort and have more. I think the first step would be to decide where you'd like to position yourself.
  5. If you type in the search Jimbo tower you can see where it is going to be. (link dosen't work)
  6. Thanks for the help so far!