What and Where to Build?

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  1. I'm trying to decide which of the 3 options below looks best, and which server to build it on. I plan to make a map art based on the picture, but I can only make one, and it'll only be available on the server I build it on. If you can't tell, this is a tribute to the show called Cowboy Bebop, and is based off of this image: http://th03.deviantart.net/fs14/PRE/f/2007/081/e/3/See_you_space_cowboy__by_TheWilly.jpg In the top left is Faye Valentine; Top Right: Radical Edward; Bottom Left: Spike Spiegel; Bottom Right: Jet Black
    Option A:

    Option B:

    Option C:

    There are no guarantees as to what the price for a copy will be, when it'll be built, or even if it'll be built. Most likely, it would be done in a matter of months, with a price of maybe 500r per copy.

    If you can leave a comment saying which option you like best, along with which server you think it should be on, that'd be great. I'd also appreciate any other feedback you can give. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!
  2. Bippity boppity bump.
  3. Bump. If no one else responds, I'll go with TheTrufflehunter's decision.
  4. Do you prefer A, B, or C?
  5. A
  6. I've got smp1, 2, and 4 with no majority. It seems option A is the clear winner, but I'd like to get more input for which server to build it on...
  7. smp 1 option A
  8. Okay, last bump.