What a great way to finish off the second week of University! ! ! :D

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  1. Hi guys, (mainly all my ausy friends here!)

    Got some good news!!!

    I was approached by my graphics lecturer yesterday and was given the honour of being this years University team captain for an Engineering Design competition! :DDD According to him I got chosen because my knowledge of CAD software (mainly Pro Engineer), surprised him. He said he saw that my level of ability is far greater than what he was going to be lecturing and teaching this year. So he gave me the great honour of being the Captain.

    I am uber excited because not only is it my second/ third week in my first year at university, but the competition is held in SYDNEY!!!! BOOOOOOYEA!!

    I have the inaugural task of finding two or three other team members, I have already got one who has a high level of skill too.

    The best part of all! The university will be paying for ALL travel costs, Food, accomodation, getting trashed on the weekends, the whole shabang :D

    I am so excited, and cannot wait for the experience. Its great news, and thought that some of you might want to hear about it :)

    I will attach some of my CAD drawings to this thread soon :D
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  2. Congratulations sir, that's quite the achievement!
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  3. Um,Awsome for you but next time,Make the text understanable :p
  4. Is this at 42 Wallaby Way Sydney? P. Sherman perhaps? Congratulations. I know how good you feel as I was once asked to flip through slides on a power point presentation. Lol.
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  5. Thanks man :D
    The only word you probably dont know is CAD which = Computer Aided Drawing/draughting
    hahaha :D
  6. Nice job man, I live in Sydney it's awesome, but been raining soooo much lately..
  7. Thanks :) Really? Damn, hope it is fine weather when I come over the ditch :D